Martin Hawksby

Managing Director & Mortgage Adviser

Where I am today, is still based on how I felt as a Youth, it hasn't changed!  The only thing that has changed is on the surface, with the ageing process... inside I am still the same. I realised, whilst working for Revolver Records in Kettering when I was 14 in 1980, that I just loved dealing with people. I loved meeting them, helping them and getting to know them. What I loved the most though, was helping them with something they didn't know about, or understand. It was and still is, really rewarding when you help someone and you feel their satisfaction and appreciation.

Today, after 30 years I can't even imagine a life not working, not helping people and feeling great about that!

So even now I have turned 50, I feel no urge to retire anytime soon, in fact I foresee working, if healthy enough, as a Mortgage Advisor into my 70's. That thought really does excites me!!! Can you imagine ALL that experience, wisdom and advice I could provide with over 50 years working experience!!!

With my aptitude towards helping people and wanting to be successful, I stumbled almost by accident into estate agency at 18 years. I loved it so much, that in the blink of my eye, I had a 32 year career, at ALL levels in the Industry. Whilst an Estate Agent, I worked with so many different Mortgage Advisors in the various businesses which in part, drove my recent decision to move desks, if you like!

I owned for 16 years, Martin Hawksby or Hawksbys Estate Agents in Wellingborough and took the decision when 50 to sell it and then change careers.

Lots of studying, many passed exams, a short spell at another Northants' Mortgage Intermediary and to bring you up to date I now own Tingdene Mortgages Ltd.

My new home is currently servicing customers in 2 Tingdene Estate Agency Offices in Finedon & Corby......I also do home visits, I am quite happy to meet in a coffee shop, pub or hotel... I can carry out work on the move and even over the telephone in exceptional circumstances. I love helping the Tingdene Estate Agency customers, as well as people I have known for over 30 years in Northants being an estate agent and consider them to be friends or existing personal clients.

Once I get my teeth into something, my wife and family will tell you that I'm a bit of a workaholic. I like to try and be the best out there, providing the best advice and generating the best business results. 

When not working, I spend time with my family, enjoy playing football still, have an active interest in railways spanning Europe and have a strong passion for photography & videography. I also have another business dovetailing my Mortgage activities perfectly!

I get excited every time I meet someone new, yet love it most, when I get recommended, as it means I've obviously done a good job!