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Are you unsure on how to get a Mortgage or which lender is right for you? Perhaps you just want the best mortgage deal for you? Trying to understand the Mortgage market can be a daunting prospect for anyone, whether you are a first-time buyer, a landlord with many properties, or a hardened and knowledgeable home-mover. We know how confusing and stressful it can be, particularly as the lenders changed the way they lend in 2014 following the Mortgage Market Review known to many as “MMR”.


We are committed to providing professional, expert advice to our clients every step of the way.

At Tingdene Mortgages, with over three decades experience working in the property and mortgage world, our friendly advice given by Martin Hawksby, can help you progress to the next stage in your life with confidence, understanding and reassurance. We’ll explain everything in ways that can be understood by everyone!

Tingdene Mortgages is dedicated to you, in finding the right offer for your situation and needs. No matter what your financial situation may be, we can offer advice and guidance to help you.

Tingdene Mortgages is based in 2 convenient Northamptonshire locations; Finedon and Corby with all the best intentions to expand the network in the future. We can see you by appointment in one of our offices or in your home at a convenient time for you.

Today ALL the lenders have different ways of deciding how much they’ll lend to you based on your circumstances and unfortunately its not obvious to consumers. This means typically one lender might lend a customer £100,000 whilst another might only lend them £85,000 and based on the circumstances, some lenders might decide that they don’t want to lend to this customer at all! 

So how does a customer know where to go? There are two options in reality the customer has; one is to do ALL their own research, applying to lenders themselves and sitting through numerous meetings and telephone calls which can be both stressful and very time consuming. The alternative way is to let ourselves do that for you, making our recommendations to you based on our extensive in depth market knowledge and experience. This reduces the stress, cuts the failure rates and makes the whole process much simpler for you. To you we’re like your personal shopper in the Mortgage Market! 


  • We highly recommend Tingdene Mortgages to anybody seeking for Mortgage and Life Protection advise. My wife and I are really pleased and thankful for the advise Martin gave us. As first time buyers we had lots of doubts and didn't have anybody to ask. Martin demonstrated his solid experience and knowledge with an approachable and always warm attitude. Besides the concrete technical details of the mortgage and life protection, with Martin we found a friend who talked to us honestly about our different options and helped us to find the best solutions to our needs.

    Nidia & Marco

  • Myself & my partner first sat down with Martin at the start of January 2018, as we just needed some advice to see what mortgage’s where available to us, as we were planning on buying our first home in the near future. This being our first time looking into mortgages and not knowing what to expect, I can honestly say Martin was brilliant. He explained everything very clearly and answered every question we had thoroughly. His experience in the housing market & what the future steps looked like, gave myself & my partner reassurance about something that was all new to us.  

    Kris Love & Kadie Abbott

  • We would like to thank you for all the hard work you have put in to help us out over the last few months it's been very helpful and we couldn't of done it without you! 

    Matt & Jodie

  • Martin, I wanted to thank you for the great advice and tips you have given Ricky and I as first time buyers, whilst we were really disappointed not to be able to buy now. But now we know what to do!! We’ll hopefully be ready on the back of your advice to buy in 2018.

    Harriet Q

  • I was a first time buyer, and frankly I didn't have a clue how to organise getting myself a mortgage. Martin guided me through mortgage application steps, and provided regular updates as the mortgage was processed. As I was a first time buyer, Martin didn't charge me a single penny for his services, which meant I could afford a washer-dryer when I moved in! Excellent service, highly recommended.

    Toby B

  • I thought that it would be easy as a company director of my own profitable business to get a mortgage. I was very wrong, the things lenders ask for these days is a lot different than in the past . Even though I earn more they would lend less. Martin explained all the reasons why everything is now, so different and after using him, I wish I’d started with him in the first place. I would have saved time, I will do next time around in 2 years when I shop for new rate!

    Greg D

  • Martin possesses the knowledge and experience required to deal with the many challenges of what may appear in the first instance to be a simple mortgage application. I recently applied to re-mortgage one property with the intention of purchasing another, what started out as a straight forward application turned out to be much more difficult than I imagined, however Martin remained positive throughout, keeping me up to date and working tirelessly on my behalf to find the right lender to suit my personal circumstances. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a mortgage or mortgage related products.

    H Collins

  • Martin came highly recommend to me by my friend Debbie Quinn, and I can honestly say he was amazing! I gave him a challenge for a new mortgage with my extremely tight budget and he came up with the most amazing deal which allows me to also put in place policies I couldn’t have afforded before. Martin is very professional and keeps you updated with every step of progress made and options available. He works with you to get you the best outcome. One Very Happy Lady! I would certainly be using Martin again.

    Lorraine T

  • I am a first time buyer on a property, and was informed about Martin through my estate agent as I explained I was shopping around for a cheaper quote on a mortgage. Martin was very efficient and contacted me the same day to arrange a meeting to discuss my options. When meeting Martin I felt very at ease and he explained all my different options and gave me various quotes for a mortgage and we found one that suited me. I was very pleased with the mortgage he found me as it was significantly cheaper that what I had been offered from my own bank.

    Alice Dunn

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